The Coloured Aggregates Team

Jackie Stewart Vice President Operations

Jackie Stewart joined Coloured Aggregates in 1994 with a background in sciences. Jackie is responsible for the financial and operations of the business.

Jackie has over 20 year’s experience in the industry and has worked with industry organizations and has built strong relationships in many markets.

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Science, from York University in Toronto, Ontario.

Jeff Oravecz C.A., Vice President Finance & Marketing

Jeff Oravecz joined Coloured Aggregates in 1996 with a strong background in corporate finances. Jeff is responsible for sales thru out North America.

Jeff has over 20 years experience in the industry and has built strong relationships in a variety of markets.

Jeff holds a B. Comm from Western University in London, Ontario.

Success is shared, and by delivering on our promises, we will earn the right to share in our clients’ current and future success.

Rocks of Ages

In 1972, Joseph A. Oravecz launched a new business dedicated to doing just one thing, and doing it very well. His vision was to provide architects, contractors, builders and designers with fine stone products and quality service and he worked hard to deliver on the promise - so it's not surprising that the business, called Coloured Aggregates, grew and prospered.

Today, as then, Coloured Aggregates Inc. is a family run business, based in Toronto, and serving a wide range of professionals in the pre-cast, architectural block, concrete ready-mix, paving, roofing and pole industries, to name just a few.

We continue to quarry, supply, and distribute an impressive range of colors, shades and mineral types of crushed aggregates and sand, and we remain dedicated to the promises that were the foundation of Joe's company.


Our Promises

To provide efficient service and unwavering support.

To provide the best quality modern and traditional materials.

To service our clients in the most ethical and professional manner.

A Solid Foundation

Coloured Aggregates is proud to work in a category that sets high standards for every product, service or process it offers. The links below will lead you to just some of the professional organizations that maintain the principles and practices that yield success today, and ensure the sustainability of our efforts into an unending future.

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